Amy's Rage
I once did a report on animal testing, and no one would listen to me because
I have always been "that one fat girl". I have a voice and if these ignorant
people would sit down and shut up for five minutes to listen to me then
maybe I would not have flunked that class. I worked hard on my report,
finding out the bad aspects of animal testing and thinking up ways to
express them so that even the most illiterate person in my school would be
able to understand. I worked hard, and I did a good job. But, I got a bad
grade because the teacher thought that the students weren't listening to me
because they did not understand. That wasn't it, they were just too
hypocritical to
think that I could actually do a good job, and just because I am FAT. Poeple
suck, I will always be my OWN person, screw trying to impress people, if
they don't like ME for ME, then they don't need to be around me. It has
taken me a long time to build up this thick skin, but now that I have it,
screw all hypocrites!!!

Thank you,

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