Date sent: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 00:39:41 -0800

From: Annette Mercer


Subject: Reader Rage - Annette's Rage

Seems that those of us who promote World Peace and Tolerance are considerated to be pagan anti-christ who are doomed "burn in hell" by a certain right-wing extremist evangelist, who, recently began e-mailing me with his own ideas of how I could be saved from my alleged unhappy and miserable existence! What enrages me is: why are these folks so PARANOID that someone, somewhere just MIGHT be happy by following their OWN inner voice? Saved from WHAT? I do not want to be SAVED from my joy and happiness! I do not want to be SAVED from all of my wonderfully diverse friends of different beliefs/religions! This fellow quoted many scriptures from his Bible; yet, when I pointed out certain scriptures to him, well, you guessed it - they had a different meaning, or, simply didn't apply, anymore! And, he had NO tolerance whatsoever regarding other religions - they simply had to be robotically "assimilated" into the "flock", with careless disregard for the beautiful cultures and enlightening spiritual revelations that had come about a thousand or more years before Christianity ever evolved! He informed me that World Peace and Tolerance was NOT the way of GOD! Why do they send all of those "Peace On Earth" cards at Christmas, then? Excuse me - but...what kind of "God" is this, anyway? The Voice that speaks to my heart and soul tells me that the way to Harmony is love, peace, tolerance and understanding of my fellow beings.I choose the way to Light and Understanding - not the way of a collective conciousness of robotic beings that are out to "take over" humanity for the sake of obtaining some kind of celestial "brownie points"! We had best SAVE OURSELVES from these manic, delusional forms of ideas!


I followed Annette's journey with Brother Paul closely and I agree with everything she says. She just says it a little nicer than I might have. I suggest you go to his site, read what he says and respond accordingly. Keep in mind that what's on the site is mild compared to some of what he sent her.

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