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Subject: Felow Mississippian replies to racism!

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 20:48:53 -0500

From: meatball <took out his e-mail adddress. He's entitled to his opinion>

To: greenIee~netdoor~com


You are the type of person that gives MS a bad name. I agree that racism is a bad thing, but It has

been here for along time. Making MS seem like a bad place where racism is all around with nothing

but ignorant people is not helping. I know there are a lot of ignorant racists here, but to stereotype all

Mississippians is almost as ignorant as the racist scum you refer to. I hate niggers and white trash

(people with no respect for themselves or others) but those words mean the same thing to me. There

is ignorance in all races, but our views are not going to change matters. You seem to be a person

who keeps to himself without a full view of his surroundings or you would see a lot of love and

respect for others here So do yourself and others a favor and look around and see the smart and

ignorant as different people with different ways of life, not the way you see one person.

This is my reply:

Thanks for the response. In a way you prove my point. As long as people deny the existence of racism or try to cover it up Mississippi will always have a bad name. If people would just say ok, it's here, now what are we going to do about it, maybe other people would have more respect for this state. Never said all people here are racist or that they were all ignorant. Actually the scariest ones of all are the educated people who are still racist. By the way hate is a self destructive emotion.


That's it. I won't make any comments but I would like to know your opinion .

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