Jennifer's Rage

the one thing that truely disgust me is animal testing. the american

cancer society, st.jude's childrens hospital, the mustcular dystrophy

association - the list goes on and on. all these companies promote

animal testing by funding companies and programs that do it in "search

for a cure." LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE. how arrogant are we humans to

think that our species has the right to commit these atrocities just

because other's can't think or function the way humans do? it's

disgusting and it PISSES ME OFF that people could be so ignorant. perfume

companies, makeup companies, household cleaning companies - these too

commit unspeakable acts against animals in the name of our well being.

it's disgusting and should be outlawed. while i am aware that it is for

medicine for those that are sick - this testing has been going on for

YEARS and has not stopped, and there still is no cure. testing should

not be allowed simply because animals are dispensable, cheap, and can't

tell us in words that they are feeling pain.

- Jennifer,

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