To: <>
Subject: my rage
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 7:56 PM

I love your site, so I thought I might contribute to it somehow.
Last night as I watched the news about the shooting at the Colorado school, I had a thought. How many children right now are sitting in front of the boob tube doing the same? How does the underdeveloped psyche of a child deal with scenes of bloody kids being taken from a school? My opinion is, is that it either desensitizes them to violence, or it really fucks them up. And sure as hell.... a few minutes later, they had a psychologist on explaining how broadcasting vivid images of murder (especially school related) can warp a childs mind. They start to think that this sort of thing is common, a way to get back at one another. After this guy was done with his schpeel, the newscasters thanked him and continued on with there bloody broadcast! Ok, first off, did anyone at the news station listen to what this doctor said? Did they care? Is it not enough that such a haneous crime occurred; we must plaster gruesome pics of kids all over t.v. land for every kindergartner to see? Where the heck do they think kids get their ideas from anyways?

mad at Fox
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