Mel's rage: Predjudice against left-handers

Hi. I'm going to vent a little here about what pisses me off, and what I"ve
had to go through for about 10 yrs of my 13 yr life. I am left handed, and all
the time in elementary school I was constantly being shunned, physically
injured, teased, or blamed. It all started in kindergarten, when I was almost
kept back JUST BECAUSE I WAS LEFT HANDED and they thought I wasn't smart
enough because of that. It lasted all throughout my years there. Well, I'd
sure as hell like to kick their sorry little butts, because I'm in some good
high classes with pretty damn good grades now. Anyway, what is up with
that???? Are left handers suddenly cursed by some people to be treated like
they have a filovirus? I don't think that's right. I also heard from one
religion freak (I hate those too, they need to GET A FRIGGEN' LIFE!!!) that
left handers where the devil's creation. I could've become the devil's little
helper right then and there if I so wanted to towards that person. And what'
with the ink in pens???? The ink never dries fast enough, so I always end up
smearing it all over papers and having to re-write them! I shouldn't have to!
The stupid ink should be dry! And I'm not going to write with my hand twisted
in some grotesque position, so you can just forget that suggestion! Can't they
also make more than 1 stupid pair of friggen left handed scissors in this
world? I have never had any problem using my right hand, but what if I want
to use my left? I can never find a pair of left handed scissors! I'D LIKE TO
myself and fellow left handers is a little acceptance, and a few itty bitty
things to make our lives a tad easier. Is that too much to ask?

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