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Bill from Greenville sent this:

Today I spotted a man who parked his Cadillac in a handicapped space. He was obviously NOT handicapped. Pissed me off!!! I just couldn't help myself. As he was WALKING across the parking lot, I said to him, "Hey man! Where's your wheel chair?!?!" (young man 30ish or so). Can you believe this!? he ACTUALLY replied "What the hell do you care?" I almost went ballistic. I might have if Mom hadn't been with me. How can people be so inconsiderate of others? Where have the values gone? Damned redneck in a Cadillac!!! Guess you could call this a new redneck sighting.

I totally agree with Bill. I've seen it many times myself and you know what I now do? I quickly make a call and report it. Don't know how much good it does but if they get just one of them I'll feel better. 

Received an e-mail from People For the American Way that states the American Family Association is encouraging it's members to commend the Cayman Islands for it's decision to ban a gay cruise ship from docking at its port. Statements by both organizations were included in the e-mail so I won't repeat it. Just click here to read the entire e-mail. I will encourage anyone I know to boycott the Camen Islands. This is almost too outrageous to believe. The year 2000 is approaching and this kind of bigotry still exist. 
This rage was sent to me by Annette in Tennessee:

You probably saw the news story, the other night, where all of the dolphins, fish and manatees were washing up dead on the shores of the Atlantic. Scientist are discovering that a lot of them have tumors. We were told that those scientist were "working hard to solve this mystery".

MYSTERY? Is it such a "mystery" that chemicals are being dumped into our oceans and waterways, every day? Is it such a "mystery" that most of those chemicals are known carcenogenics, as in, CANCER-CAUSING? And the real catch is that the government will pay those scientists billions of OUR taxpayer dollars to "solve the mystery"!! How much longer are we all going to allow the government and the press to treat us like "the ignorant masses"?

You have just witnessed the "mystery" being solved by a simple country girl from Tennessee . . . and it didn't cost a dime. 

This years first rage. Is anyone else fed up with these price scanners not being right. I was in K-Mart (this isn't about K-Mart alone. Wal-Mart is as bad or worse.) and had a can of spray lubricant. The sign below it on the shelf said $1.99 but it scanned at $2.99. When I pointed this out the clerk said "well this is what it is." So I said "I don't want it. In fact I don't want any of this." Left her with a stunned look on her face looking at about forty dollars worth of merchandise sitting there. I then went to Auto Zone and purchased the same lubricant for $1.99. Probably cost me more that a dollar to do that but it was the principle. If we don't start rebelling against this sort of thing, they will all be ripping us off. It felt good and I've decided to start doing it more often.
What's the deal? Now web page providers like Tripod and Geocities have to kidnap your browser! I'm getting tired of being forced to get rid of their advertisements instead of having the option to click on them. Seems every time you move around on a site it keeps grabbing you. Some I've found it impossible to back out of so I can't go back where I was. As of now I will not, while randomly searching the net, go to a page on either of these providers and if I find others it will apply to them as well. I will continue to visit friends and check out pages of people who reply to mine but that is all. 
Spent Thanksgiving in my home state Louisiana. While there I read a story in the newspaper that said some of the merchants in the French Quarters were closing because of the Bayou Classic being played in the Superdome. The Classic is played each year between Southern University and Grambling State University. Both predominantly black universities. Grambling is coached by Eddie Robinson who is, for those of you who don't know, the winningest football coach in history and this was his last game. The merchants said that it was too dangerous to operate the Classic weekend. This is in a city that host Mardi Gras every year. There was a quote from one of the merchants that said "yes all of the merchants closing were white but it doesn't have anything to do with race." I don't believe this, do you? Even though there were only a few that said this it's outrageous. As long as only a few think this way it hurts everyone. 
I guess by now everybody has heard of the murders at Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi. Young man walked into school and killed his ex-girlfriend and another young woman after killing his mother. What I listened to on local talk radio today was peoples ideas as to why he did it. Imagine my surprise to learn it's because they took prayer out of school and aren't teaching bible studies in school. On and on it went and they were also trashing the parents, who were divorced, until someone called in that knew the father and informed the father was very religious and that made me think. I know that a lot of the people that do this kind of thing are from very religious families and you know why I think this is. They brainwash you as a small child in these churches and teach you not to have thoughts of your own. When they become disillusioned with this religion they then go to some alternative religion or cult and things only get worse. Many of the nutso, wacko killers even use religion to justify it. 
We're trading dollars for death. I believe it is an outrage that we are still trading with China. Not only that we give them most favored nation status. Why, because there is a huge market for our products. They've invaded and taken over Tibet. They still think they were right when they ran over protesting students with tanks. There are many political prisoners, used as slave labor, actually making the products that are sold in this country. Maybe most gruesome is they are selling organs for transplant. If you've got the bucks you can go to China for a transplant and they will execute a prisoner. Do you think it's a coincidences that the organs are a match. I've been doing it for a long time but I am now encouraging others to boycott products from China. Get in the habit of checking and if you see made in China, don't buy it and ideally tell the vendor why you're not buying it. If we can spread the boycott maybe we can make a difference. 
Is anyone else getting fed up with politicians in general? They're like a bunch of kids arguing over who did what. Reminds me of the food fight in the movie Animal House. Doesn't really matter who threw first or who threw the most? No one walks out clean. 
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