For those of you that haven't heard yet, there is a woman in  Playboy that is in the Navy. She is Lt. Frederica Spilman and was the first woman aviator assigned to fly as a navigator aboard the ES-3 Shadow electronic surveillance plane. It would seem obvious to me that her training cost the people of this country many thousands of dollars. Well the Navy, with all the typical military wisdom, has ordered her to face disciplinary action. It is said that she will most likely leave the Navy with a "poor fitness report". I believe this is totally outrageous. How about you. (she did finally leave the Navy)

I watched the president of ABC deny that the cancellation of the TV show "Ellen" had nothing to do with her being gay. It appeared to me that his answers proved otherwise. It's just another situation where a few people are telling all of the rest of us what we can watch. I guess the Southern Baptist have more pull that I thought. 

Ok, it's been long enough. I'm going to give you my opinion of the current intern problem the president is having. If he did what they say it was a stupid move. If he lied about it then it's even worse. Is it earth shaking? No! What really ticks me is the news coverage. They won't leave her alone and if I hear her called a little girl again I think I'll scream. She's an adult and able to make her own decisions. Unless he in some way forced himself on her then leave her alone. I believe all of the women should feel insulted by the insinuation that at 21 she is not capable of making up her own mind. I bet if a 21 year old man was involved he wouldn't be called a little boy. Why can"t the news media verify what they report. There are so many rumors floating around and they report them as fact and then after being proven wrong they just say oops or nothing at all. 

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