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No matter how it's said it's up to us to spread the word. It has to be a worldwide effort. I hear people say "it won't work". they say there has been wars and fighting forever. and it's true but that shouldn't dampen the effort. Just because you may not be personally affected doesn't mean that you can look the other way. My ancestors came to the United States in the early 1800s from Belfast. Every time I hear of violence there, I wonder if some long lost relative could be involved. They're fighting in Ireland, Bosnia and the middle east. African countries are fightings each other. This page will be mostly links to places striving for World Peace. I can't match their words and won't try.

Peace Links

Striving to make the year 2000 the INTERNATIONAL YEAR FOR PEACE ON EARTH. If we all join it we can make it happen.

Hippylands Peace Page Lots of Peace related links. More links and ways that you can help in the quest for Peace.

Show your support for Peace in Northern Ireland.

Reaching out for Peace on Earth A cry for Peace. This page will move you!

all4peace This is my friend Annette's Peace Page. Visit her gentle spirit, check out her other pages and say hello.

Peace Ideas is a publication that seeks to help individuals become active participants in the realization of lasting Peace.

Shai's Peace and Love Page Shai is from Israel. He reminds us that we can't depend on the leaders of our countries to bring Peace. We have to do it ourselves.

If you don't go anywhere else on this site you have to follow the link to Escape into Exile.

 Touching Tibet My friend Annette's Tibet page.

People for Peace - Peace Links Lots of Peace links. Best links site I've seen.

I'm still looking for links so if you know of one that should be here let me know. 

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