Reader Rage 

I've received some great response to my outrage pages and many of you have sent in rages of your own. Some I've posted to my page but I've decided it's time to give you your own page to vent on. Send me the things that tick you off. We can be outraged together. Mail them to Reader Rage.

 Jodi's Rage Jodi's questions the violence the children are exposed to and the affect it has on them.

Jessica's Rage She's outraged that someone could rape another person and then profit from it. I agree. Read the letter she sent me.

Annette's Rage For some reason Annette is targeted by the religious right. Evidently they don't believe world peace is possible. At least the guy she wrote me about doesn't. Check it out. When you finish check out her Hippie's Old but Far Out Loft in my hippie links.

Jennifer's Rage Jennifer's rage is about using animal testing.

 Ellis' Rage Ellis is outraged about the Texas Governor, George Bush, preventing laws from being passed in that state allowing medicinal use of marijuana.

 Isabelle's Rage If only we could get the world leaders to listen to her sister.

 Mel's Rage Being left-handed myself  I understand her.

 Amy's Rage Some people make fun of and never take people that overweight seriously.

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